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Compendium is the powerful, open source software that CogNexus recommends for Issue and Dialogue Mapping™.
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This page is gradually being populated and organized with our IBIS, Compendium, Issue Mapping and Dialogue Mapping tutorials, instructions and information. Stay tuned for more!

Sample Map: Exposing the deep structure of an issue 
See a recent map created by one of our instructors. What this exercise demonstrates is Issue Mapping’s ability to expose the deep structure of an issue – the logic of arguments and opinions. In this case the article is about the BP oil spill and our economy. (PDF)
The IBIS Field Guide: Exploring Complexity (pdf)  top
"The purpose of this manual is to explain the basic components and rules of the Issue-Based Information System (IBIS) method, to convey a sense of the power, simplicity, and ease of use of the method and, most importantly, to give the reader confidence that he or she can use the IBIS method to sharpen and organize the exploration of virtually any topic."
Compendium Basics Exercise (pdf) 

This is a short (approx. 30 minute) exercise to help you start using Compendium for Issue Mapping; the process of creating IBIS (Issue Based Information Systems) diagrams.
YouTube video: Why Dialogue Mapping Works 
(running time 3:52)
How to Share Your Maps via CD or The Web (pdf)  top
How to Share Your Maps via CD (download .wmv file) 

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