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Here is a short (30 minute) Basic Tutorial to help you get started with Compendium.

Word Outlines from Compendium - The Tutorials!
We have been working for years (literally) to develop an easy way to turn  a Compendium map into a Word outline.
Download the PDF Tutorial here.
Video Tutorial, Part 1: Setting up Word (running time 3:28)
Video Tutorial, Part 2: Exporting to Word Outline (running time 3:23)
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Download Compendium

Compendium is the powerful, open source (and free) software that CogNexus recommends for Issue Based Information Systems (IBIS) based work, from problem solving and critical thinking through Dialogue Mapping™.  Using Compendium makes IBIS structures easier to read and easier to change than working with indented text IBIS (itIBIS) or creating a hand-written IBIS structure on a white board or paper.  Compendium supports the development and maintenance of large-scale IBIS structures (maps), over long periods of time, better than any other available software. Learning Compendium is a bit of an investment, but we believe it is the best software available today to do this kind of work.
CogNexus Group has developed a version of Compendium that specifically supports the building of IBIS structures in both individual and group work scenarios.  If you think you might ever want to take a Compendium based training course from CogNexus or might want to have a group work on building IBIS structures together in the future, you may want to download one these versions of Compendium 1.7.1 from CogNexus:
Mac OS:
Windows7 (Windows7 compliant, has been installed on Windows8 successfully):
Windows XP:
Background and Other Info
Compendium was initially developed by the Compendium Institute to support the work of people doing various types of research, including working with IBIS.  Compendium 2.0, the final version available from the Compendium Institute, includes a number of enhancements that – while extremely valuable to the Compendium Institute users who requested them – do not contribute significantly to the use of Compendium for building IBIS structures.
If you would like to review the Compendium Institute information, you can find general information about Compendium here:
You can find specific information about the software downloads available from them here: Compendium Downloads.
Please note: the Compendium user and developer community are working on creating a new version of Compendium based on more modern software development methods.  While it will be the version of the future, CompendiumNG (Compendium Next Generation) is currently still under development, so unless you are very comfortable with using software still in development, we recommend using one of the versions above.

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