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Here is a list of some of the places where Jeff Conklin and CogNexus have been seen on the 'net. Some of these links also refer to Horst Rittel, Wicked Problems, or Dialogue Mapping.

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Find places where Issue Mapping, Dialogue Mapping™, IBIS, Compendium, Wicked Problems and many other related topics are discussed online.

Chris Chapman's blog on Derailleur Consulting

There was an interesting discussion on the Intranet Professionals group on LinkedIn recently where Luc De Ruijter asked this question.

Part 2: This is the second post in a quick series that attempts to use IBIS to analyse an online discussion. Strange as it may sound, but I believe that issue mapping and IBIS is one of the most pure forms of information architecture you can do.

Part 3: The map is getting big now, but luckily, we are halfway through the discussion and will have most of the rationale captured by the end of this post.

Part 4: This time the emphasis is on synthesis… so let’s get the last few comments done, shall we?

Final Summary: To save people getting lost in the analysis, I thought I’d quickly post a bit of an executive summary from the exercise.

Geoff explores education, elearning, open education resources, open textbooks, and social networks. In this blog he talks about concept mapping with Compendium.

Eight to Late - A bedtime story 
Kailash Awati

Seven Sigma Business Solutions Case Study 
"After 18 long months of unconstructive meetings, the Stirling Alliance, formed in 2008 as a collaborative partnership between the community, several government agencies and key stakeholders, dedicated to achieving “best for community” outcomes by working together towards a shared vision for the Stirling City Centre, called upon Seven Sigma to assist the Alliance and the community involved to reach a collaborative decision….Via Dialogue Mapping, after only six sessions, Seven Sigma was able to achieve a significant breakthrough for the Stirling Alliance..."

Paul Culmsee Blogs on Clever Workarounds - Part 2
Paul continues his clever and intelligent writing about the craft of Dialogue Mapping.
Paul Culmsee Blogs on Clever Workarounds - Part 1
If you think Dialogue Mapping is dry and humorless, think again...

Eight to Late Strikes Again!
Kailash Awati

Kailash Awati

Dialogue Mapping: A book reviewBlog! Eight to Late
Kailash Awati

Still MORE from Eight to Late!
Kailash Awati


More from Eight to Late!
Kailash Awati

Kailash Awati
Kailash Awati
Blue Oxen Associates' podcast with Jeff Conklin
BlogSeries! "The One Best Practice to Rule Them All" by Seven Sigma Business Solutions
Part 1: I am going to tell you the first best practice that you should master. If you master this, all of the other best practices will fall into place. It goes beyond SharePoint too. Failure to do this, and all of your other best practices may not necessarily save you. In fact they can actually work against you. Hence the "Lord of the Rings" inspired title of this post. Part 2 |  Part 3  |  Part 4  |  Part 5  |  Part 6

McGee's Musings: New Dialogue Mapping book review

Interview with Jeff Conklin in Rotman Magazine
John C. Camillus
"Strategy as a Wicked Problem"

Mark Mateski, December 22, 2008
Red Team Journal

ISF Ingeneer without frontiers Team. Maria Teresa Cuonzo. Compendium Team. Jeff Conklin CogNexus Institute, USA. Maarten Sierhuis RIACS, NASA Ames, USA ...

PowerPoint on Chalmers, University of Gothenburg
2001 CogNexus Institute. 32.
“Wicked Problems”. • You don't understand the problem ‘'til you have a solution.

[More] potential of Evidence-based Dialogue Mapping as a participatory action research tool to investigate young teenagers’ scientific argumentation. ...

Mark Westcombe : Dialog Mapping, David Lane : System Dynamics Tuesday 7th January.
Following on from our very successful inaugural meeting last May on "SD ...
Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber coined the term ‘wicked problems’ in their 1973 seminal article ‘Dilemmas in a general theory of planning ...

In 1972, a professor of Design at UC Berkeley, Horst Rittel, described the. characteristics of socially complex problems, which he called “wicked ...

“As an interconnected network of networks (logical, physical, and increasingly social among others), cyberspace comprises an ecosystem that produces what Horst Rittel has termed “wicked problems”. That is, problems in cyberspace generally have incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements where sustained solutions are often difficult to determine because of complex interdependencies.”

Michael Mainelli, Emerald
Jeff Conklin summarizes Horst Rittel’s problems with wicked problems: . “You don't understand the problem until you have developed a solution”. Indeed, ...

As the events of the past year demonstrated, the global energy/food/fiber market has become the very definition of a "wicked problem," which is a term invented by design theorist Horst Rittel. Wicked problems are "messy, circular, ..."

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