Hypertext 2002 Workshop on Facilitating with Hypertext
The Call for Papers.
Workshop Attendees: Jeff Conklin*, Al Selvin*, Simon Buckingham Shum*, Chuck Palus, Eugene Kim, Mark Westcombe, John Nosek, Steve Haynes, and MIchelle Bachler.  (*Workshop coordinators and co-chairs.)
The Workshop Report.

Participant Papers

Chuck Palus: Reflections on Artful Practice

Eugene Kim: Rearchitecting a Software Platform

Mark Westcombe: Problem Structuring (long version)

Simon Buckingham-Shum:  Augmenting Design Deliberation with Compendium

Al Selvin: Reflections on HACM Facilitation

Jeff Conklin: Bridges to Fluency

Kim Salins: Hypertext Shared Display as Collaborative Modeling

Papers accepted for "Observer Participation"

Jack Park: Thinking about IBIS in the Classroom

John T. Nosek: Augmenting Sensemaking Conversations