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Issue and Dialogue Mapping are highly effective tools used to work through complex and Wicked Problems. When used effectively, they allow for shared understanding of a problem so that collaboration, robust decision making and forward movement can occur.

A CogNexus Certified Dialogue Mapper™ is an individual who has been trained in – and has a substantial grasp on – both the theory and practice of Issue and Dialogue Mapping. Each Certified Mapper has also been individually approved by Jeff Conklin, the founder of CogNexus Institute who invented the method we call Dialogue Mapping, and literally wrote the book on it as well.

The training each CogNexus Certified Dialogue Mapper™  receives is substantial. They must maintain yearly certification status, which means they have to be practicing Issue and Dialogue Mapping™ as a part of their regular business efforts. Below are links to businesses who employ at least one CogNexus Certified Dialogue Mapper™, and the individuals who are certified.

The CogNexus Group
Jeff Conklin (The Master)
KC Burgess Yakemovic

7 Sigma
Paul Culmsee

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